What is Labeling

Any categorization that we apply to ourselves is labeling.

For example,
- I am an introvert
- I am not a technology person
- I am a foodie
- I am a liberal person
- I am a Leo/Scorpion/Pisces etc
- I am a music lover

Why We Label?

- Labeling simplifies our lives.
- It helps while making choices in life.
- Labels gives definition to our personality, thus acting as anchors.
- It helps others to understand us.
- Labeling makes communication easier.
- It helps us to belong to groups which have similar labels that we have.

So labeling is good and is part of human nature. Without labeling, our personalities would become quite gray.

Labels as Anchors

Our personalities are not fixed and vary based on situations. For example, most introverts will have nice chats with people they find interesting. On the other hand, extroverts too sometimes prefer to be alone.

Even when static, our personalities are never binary and they are always gray. For example a person who is not a foodie, does get hungry; or an introvert person does interact and talk.

Labeling reduces the grayness of us. It puts us in categories, and the categories have strict definitions.

Thus labels act like anchors to ships. They make us steady. Without anchors, we will float and it could be slightly disorienting.

Stuck Anchors

If a ship's anchor is stuck, the ship cant move. When it comes to changing our personality, for better, the anchors make things difficult. For example, if a person labels oneself as introvert, then it is hard for that person to become more outgoing. If the same person however forgets the label, becomes gray for a while, its easier to try.

Loosening The Anchors Via Meditation

Our meditation, if you see the steps carefully, does a temporary disconnection from labels and identities. So it helps loosen the anchors, allowing the mind to float and explore.