Set Preparation

A proper mindset will help get into a trance meditative state with a good flow. Conscious mind and subconscious mind both need to be prepared for the process.

Conscious mind runs on logic while the subconscious mind works on meaning and symbols. So preparing these also require different approaches.

Conscious Mind Set Preparation

Logically thinking, why the person wants to meditate decides the conscious mind set.

Below are some reasons for meditation and the corresponding conscious mindsets.

- I came to meditation because I heard from a friend that it is good - this person wants to try. The person probably already thinks that it is good. It is possible that the person is skeptical but still wants to experiment. This person may not have clarity of goal.

- Because my husband/wife/dad/mom told me to come - here the conscious mind is probably not convinced. There might be relationship dynamics playing a part here. There might be resistance.

- Because I think it will help to manage my anxiety - the person has a clear goal.

- Because I think it will help to focus on my studies - this person has a clear goal too. The meditation might also align with one other activity that the person is doing, which is studies.

- Because I think spirituality is cool - the person doesn't have a clear goal. May be septic. There is willingness to experiment.

Convincing with logic

- Don't force. Forcing an idea on to a person builds resistance. Try to convince instead.

- Mentors should explain how and why meditation is useful.

- If there is a skeptical person, convince the person to experiment, not to believe. After a skeptical person experiments meditation with an open mind, the person will see with experience that meditation is helping, and the resistance will go away automatically.

Subconscious Mind Set Preparation

Subconscious mind set preparation can be far more complicated than the conscious mind. We don't have easy access to the subconscious the way we have access to the conscious mind. Many times, the teacher has to rely on intuition and creative methods to work with the subconscious mind of students.

The Power of Narrative

One very important part of the set is the narrative or you might call it the story. We humans, love stories. Stories act as one of the interfaces between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Since the subconscious runs on meaning, the more meaningful the story can become, the more can be the effect on the subconscious. So when it comes to motivation for meditation, teachers should always look for a meaningful story.

For example, a person's struggle to win over an addiction through the use of meditation makes a meaningful story.

Mental Resistances

The teacher also needs to work through mental resistances a person might have. Resistances, many times, are habitual defense mechanisms that the person has acquired over lifetime. These resistances, though they helped during certain circumstances, act as blocks and limit the progress.

For example, people often think that if they feel very happy, then bad things might happen around them. This is a mental block and prevents people getting into an open and free mental state. Since the nervous system is not allowed to become free, this slows down the progress.