The Hard Problem Of Consciousness

The hard problem of consciousness is the most famous unsolved problem in neuroscience.

The problem is really that subjective experience cannot be explained with current neuroscience.

We humans, our functioning can be explained by current science to some extent. For example, how our brain functions biologically can be explained with our understanding of neuroscience but why we have subjective experience cannot be explained at all.

See below wikipedia link for more in depth information about this problem.
The Hard Problem of Consciousness

The fact that this hard consciousness exists, itself, is sufficient to give meaning to our lives. We call this the intrinsic meaning.

Intrinsic Meaning of Human Life

Intrinsic meaning means that simply, since a person exists, the person's life has meaning.

The person is conscious, has experiences, has a life story, has emotions like sadness, happiness, etc.

Its a fact that a real conscious person goes through all this. The fact that consciousness exists, itself, is a meaningful thing. Or we can even say that, without consciousness, nothing has meaning.

Intrinsic meaning is connected to a person's organic existence.
But it is also not limited by a person's organic existence.

Intrinsic meaning is not dependent on how well a person's 'story of life' turns out.
In short, the intrinsic meaning never goes away.

In this meditation process we place high value on intrinsic meaning.
It is one of the core foundations of this process.

External Meaning

External meaning is derived based on external entities. This is usually associated with success in life.

For example, below list of items are commonly associated with external meaning:
- Love
- Creating something
- Being related to someone
- Having close friends
- Having a family
- Professional success
- Charity work
- Religious activities
- Enjoyments
- Hobbies
- Experiences such as travel
- Expressing emotions
- Money and assets

External meaning is usually associated with 'story of life'.
Note that, to pursue external meaning should not be considered a less pursuit than the pursuit of internal meaning.

Establishing both meanings

Too much emphasis on external meaning is a problem widespread today.
People pursue just external meaning and since it requires success, money, beauty, things may not be under their complete control, if they are not successful, they don't find meaning and become unhappy.

An easier way to get external meaning is also to help others, guide people, help the needy, do something good for the society etc.

To balance, we need to also acquire internal meaning. Having internal meaning also connects to a person's organic self and their body. This helps with managing emotions since emotions are connected to the body. It also helps being connected to reality.

Since internal meaning is not dependent on success, it can create a stable 'meaning foundation' for life.

Establishing a stable and neutral internal meaning takes certain amount of process. Our meditation process focuses on bringing out and stabilizing this foundation of internal meaning.